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Dental Checkups & Cleanings – Bellevue, WA

Preventing and Detecting Dental Issues with Expert Care

Dentist checking teeth

Even those with a great at-home brushing and flossing routine may have dental issues that can’t be seen or felt. That’s why it’s important to attend dental checkups and cleanings biannually. At Bellevue Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Preet Taneja takes pride in her ability to detect dental issues while they are still small to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout the year. Contact our office today to schedule a routine checkup and cleaning with an expert dentist in Bellevue.

What Happens at Your Dental Visit?

Man smiling in dentist’s chair

Your biannual dental appointments will consist of a cleaning and a checkup, which are both equally important to your oral and overall health.


During your cleaning, one of our highly trained dental hygienists will remove plaque and tartar buildup that hasn’t been removed through daily brushing and flossing. Tartar, one of the leading causes of gum disease, is a hardened version of plaque that can only be removed by a professional. They will then polish your teeth to give you a fresh tasting and great looking smile. Lastly, they will floss your teeth, making sure to remove any remaining debris or plaque.

Your cleaning is also a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your oral health. After one of our hygienists has cleaned your mouth, they will have a better idea of areas of your oral healthcare that you could improve on.


After your cleaning, Dr. Preet Taneja will give your mouth a thorough exam. The main goal of this exam is to detect any dental issues that may have occurred since your last appointment. She will check your mouth, head, neck, and jaw to make sure everything is functioning well, and she will also use digital X-Rays to get an in-depth look at your teeth. X-Rays are typically where she will be able to identify tooth decay and cavities. She also prevents and detects issues like:

  • Gum disease
  • Oral cancer
  • Alignment and bite problems
  • Jaw complications
  • Issues with wisdom teeth
  • Infection

The Importance of Biannual Checkups and Cleanings

Dental X-Ray

While dental checkups and cleanings leave you with a great looking and feeling smile, their main goal is prevention. These appointments have an important job of protecting your oral health, but early detection of issues like gum disease and oral cancer can save you from much more extensive and expensive procedures in the future. Gum disease has now been linked to increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s. As studies continue to pile up regarding the relationship between your dental health and overall wellbeing, checkups and cleanings have become more important than ever.

Whether you have oral health problems or not, routine checkups and cleanings give you certainty. Contact Dr. Preet Taneja and our expert team for simple and relaxing dental visits to make sure you’re staying healthy.

Dental Checkups & Cleanings FAQs

Woman with questions for her Bellevue dentist

Dental checkups and cleanings help form a solid foundation for great oral health. However, it’s ok if you have a few questions about them! At Bellevue Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we want you to feel comfortable and confident about taking care of your smile. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most common questions we get about checkups and cleanings below so you can learn more about them. If you don’t see the answers you’re looking for, we’re just a phone call away!

How Often Should I Get a Checkup & Cleaning?

We recommend coming in for your biannual dental checkup and cleaning every six months. This way, issues that are easy to overlook initially like cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer can be detected and treated as early as possible. More importantly, regular dental checkups and cleanings help prevent these problems from developing in the first place!

When Should My Child Start Getting Dental Checkups?

Teeth are vulnerable to decay as soon as they appear. That’s why we agree with experts and encourage you to bring your child in for their first checkup and cleaning before their first birthday or within six months of their first tooth erupting. We love to help our young patients keep their precious smiles healthy from the start, which is why we offer specialized services for the unique oral healthcare needs of children.

Do Teeth Cleanings Hurt?

No, neither the checkup nor the cleaning should cause you any pain. We will always do everything we can to make sure you feel comfortable in the dental chair. You may feel some slight pressure on your teeth as one of our hygienists carefully scrapes plaque and tartar away, but you shouldn’t feel any pain. If you have sensitive teeth, and overreactive gag reflex, or a condition that makes sitting in the dental chair uncomfortable for you, we can discuss the possibility of making your appointments more pleasant with the help of nitrous oxide sedation.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Some patients are wary of X-rays because they bring to mind radiation levels. However, thanks to our modern technology, there’s nothing to fear. We take all our X-rays digitally, which reduces radiation exposure by 90% while giving us clearer, faster images of your teeth and jawbone. We’ll always give you a lead apron to drape over the rest of your body as well to completely minimize your risk.

How Much Do Dental Checkups Cost?

Dental checkups and cleanings are very budget-friendly. In fact, since dental insurance companies prioritize preventive care over future repairs, many plans cover the cost of these visits by 90-100%! Dental checkups and cleanings can be cost-effective for patients without dental insurance as well. If needed, we offer third party financing options through CareCredit that can break up the cost of your checkup into easy payments.

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